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Top tips for a wildlife friendly garden

Bees, butterflies and bugs are a welcome addition to every garden, helping to pollinate our plants and keeping us company while we work.

There’s lots of simple ways you can encourage more wildlife into your outdoor space, such as creating your own compost heap, growing a wild flower meadow or having your own garden pond. However, one of the best and most interesting ways is by choosing the right flowers and plants – those that are high in pollen.

There’s a huge variety of plants that will not only help the insects in your garden at this time of year, but will also add a welcome splash of colour. Our favourites include Astrantia, Coreopsis, Monarda, Gaura and Salvia – all of which are available at the East Neuk Perennials nursery (have a look at our pricelist for specific cultivars).

Plants to avoid include highly-bred cultivars with double flowers, most of which contain little or no pollen or nectar.

Further recommendations for wildlife friendly plants can be found using the RHS perfect for pollinators plant list.

If you’d like further advice, why not get in touch? Our Colinsburgh nursery is open by appointment.

Happy gardening!

Karen & Sue

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