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Get the most out of your summer flowering plants

June and July are generally considered to be the most colourful and vibrant months in the garden, but there’s no reason why we can’t continue to enjoy colour in our gardens in August too.

Many herbaceous perennials really start to come into their own this month. Hardy plants that are perfect for Scottish gardens, such as Rudbeckia, Japanese Anenome and Echinacea offer gardeners a huge spectrum of colour to choose from – from whites and yellows through to pinks and blues.

To make the most of roses, remember to deadhead regularly to prolong the display. Prune rose stems back to a bud in a leaf axil lower down the stem to encourage strong new shoots – this will help the plant to continue to flower well into the Autumn. Wild roses should not be deadheaded as they produce attractive hips in the Autumn which are helpful for wildlife.

Geraniums may be starting to get leggy and lose their vigour. Cut back the stems with a sharp pair of sheers by 1/3 to encourage a new set of late summer flowers.

At this time of year, it’s well worth taking stock of areas that are looking good and not so good in your garden to help you determine where you might need to inject some new colour. An area used for spring bulbs or early flowering perennials such as iris, dicentra or campanula may now be in need of some additional interest.

For inspiration on what herbaceous perennials are in season now, have a look at our latest pricelist on our website.

Happy gardening!

Karen & Sue

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